Monday, February 6, 2012

F1 First Day Cover and Setem

When talking about F1 race car, i'm sure you all will think about the team, the driver and also the car. But, have you ever heard about F1 first day cover or setem? I'm not sure if this is the only item for F1 in the world. If you found the similar item, perhaps you can share it hear.

Anyway, the first day cover and setem was launch in Malaysia during first time Malaysian Grand Prix Sepang were held on 17 October 1999.

Some of related data for F1 Malaysian Grand Prix

This the souvenir cover. I scan it with out move it from the fact file. Some of the image are hidden behind.

I still kept it, Anyway, collecting first day cover and setem also my hobby.


  1. i knew a friend who has the same hobby like yours.

    mmg byk collection dia. cantik2. seronok tgk. tapi skrg ni tak tau la dia still kumpul atau tak.

    1. ye ke... leh introduce tak... mana la tau boleh exchange item dgn dia...


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