Monday, January 31, 2011

FISH SPA - Rawatan yang mengundang bencana

Kementerian Kesihatan UAE memberi amaran bahawa rawatan kaki/kulit alternatif/kosmetik yang menggunakan ikan seperti yang dipaparkan pada gambar di atas boleh menyebarkan penyakit bahaya. 

Akhbar Al Khaleej yang memetik kata-kata Dr Amin Al Amiri, “Penggunaan ikan-ikan sebagai rawatan boleh mendatangkan mudarat kepada orang ramai kerana rawatan ini boleh menyebarkan penyakit termasuk hepatitis dan AIDS/HIV.” 

Tambah Dr Amin, “Sesetengah orang mungkin mengalami penyakit berbahaya dan virus pada luka mereka akan mudah dipindahkan kepada orang lain melalui ikan dan air.” 

Prosedur rawatan yang dibangunkan di Turki ini digunakan untuk merawat kulit termasuklah penyakit psoriasis. 

Pesakit/orang ramai dikehendaki meletakkan kaki di dalam sebuah kolam kecil yang berisi ikan kecil (ikan garra rufa atau ikan chin chin). Ikan-ikan ini akan “memakan” sel-sel kulit yang telah mati pada kulit pesakit. 

Untuk makluman, rawatan kaki menggunakan teknik ini diharamkan di 14 buah negeri di Amerika Syarikat 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Produa Bezza

Perodua has unveiled a next-generation prototype model called the Bezza at KLIMS. The sleek concept is tagged as the sort of vehicle that’s ideal for the future Gen-Y crowd looking for something bigger to efficiently traverse the concrete jungle as well as for longer journeys.

Penned by Perodua’s Malaysian designers , led by chief designer Muhammad Zamren Musa , the four metre long B-pillarless vehicle is the company’s vision of what a compact car is – a vehicle that maximises the interior with a minimised exterior , and focuses on styling studies of design cues and character. Branded as a mobile living space , it’s set to become the blueprint for the company’s future models , P2 says. The design , which traces of the Prius , features a sliding rear door and swivel front seat for easy ingress and egress, along with a distinctly aggressive headlamp design.

The clean-looking interior features an instrument panel designed for the driver’s visual ease and a floating centre console that provides additional legroom for both driver and front passenger , with a large luggage storage area part of the design brief as well.

Live gallery after the jump

PDRM New Police Car Featuring Naza KIA Forte

Take a look to new Police car after last time they getting Mitsubishi EVO 10 as petrol car. Now KIA Forte will joint the fleet as well...

I-City Shah Alam

Actually this our first time to I-City, Shah Alam some where in April 2010. That time i was too busy with my work and my house renovation. So i can only update it in my blog today. I went there with my family. To those who never been here before, I-City is situated at Section 7, Shah Alam. Near to UITM Shah Alam. And if you take Federal Highway to Klang, you may see it at your right. To go there, if you are from Kuala Lumpur, you only need to take Federal Highway and take the exit to I-City.

Normally, I-City will crowded with people during weekend and public holiday. Especially at night. I like the view, the design, so creative and high tech too. Last year for final world cup 2010 are live broadcast here using the big screen. But i'm going there that time :d

Any way, just browse down for the picture i shared here...

Here is some in building display view...

its more attractive if you can see by your self... Just watch some video below 

Ok... lets go out side...

My self, my wife and our princess Aisar in center of the swan...

Aisar, our princess having good time here.. running here and there :d

i'm not understand, why certain people are not concern on their own safety... Even though they warned by the security for not to step on the power cable, they still do it... just for get better posse and picture...

Next time i will plan to come here again...