Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Produa Bezza

Perodua has unveiled a next-generation prototype model called the Bezza at KLIMS. The sleek concept is tagged as the sort of vehicle that’s ideal for the future Gen-Y crowd looking for something bigger to efficiently traverse the concrete jungle as well as for longer journeys.

Penned by Perodua’s Malaysian designers , led by chief designer Muhammad Zamren Musa , the four metre long B-pillarless vehicle is the company’s vision of what a compact car is – a vehicle that maximises the interior with a minimised exterior , and focuses on styling studies of design cues and character. Branded as a mobile living space , it’s set to become the blueprint for the company’s future models , P2 says. The design , which traces of the Prius , features a sliding rear door and swivel front seat for easy ingress and egress, along with a distinctly aggressive headlamp design.

The clean-looking interior features an instrument panel designed for the driver’s visual ease and a floating centre console that provides additional legroom for both driver and front passenger , with a large luggage storage area part of the design brief as well.

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  1. Jaw breaking.
    Tengok dalam tv hari tu. Memang cool dia punya design. Suka dengan rekaan lampu depan. Seakan BMW i-series.


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