Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 ONLINE Performance for My Free Time Activity

mmm... now we are at the end of year 2011... its time to evaluate what my achievement and performance through out the year...

Blogging activity
Next year will be challenge... some of my wish list is to double up the unique visitor... How to do it? huhhuuhuhu... i need to think seriously about this...

ONLINE Business via Healthy Life Style
2011 is fortune year for my online business. Through out the year of 2011, i manage to get RM1000.00 transaction which allow me to have 3 time sales bonus... alhamdulillah... syukran... :D

Next year, i will try to double the transaction for my online business.


  1. Cara paling mudah nak tingkatkan trafik

    1- networked blog - setiap entry akan dipaparkan pada Facebook.. tapi FB nak kena active la jugak. :)

    2- Blogwalking sambil tinggal komen apa yg patut

    3- Buat contest dengan hadiah yg menggegar perasaan :)


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