Monday, July 23, 2012

Simple Message

A simple message to all of us.

Who are they? They are Doctors.

Who is he? He is an actor.

Who are these people? They are farmers.

Fine... very good.

What about these guys? Who are they? Guess!!! Any guess!!!

Yeah... they are software engineers, bankers, consultants, office executives, presidents, vice presidents, general managers, who work for 15 hour a day, sitting at one place...

Don't laugh. Be aware. It is global issue now. So, take care of yourself, your fat. To get to a good shape... try to adhere to the following 25 tips...

1 comment :

  1. kecanggihan zaman sekarang ada pro and cons dia. contohnya, betapa canggihnya dunia sekarang, semua hanya di hujung jari. last2, keje duk atas kerusi je la memanjang. nak bergerak pon malassss. dah semua di hujung jari kan. ;)


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